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About Project - Sri Sankarapuram

Sri Sankarapuram, a vedic village under development in Kadiramangalam, a village, about 15km from Mayiladuthurai. Objective is to keep alive veda and dharma for loka kshemam. This is about 90+ acre site, containing housing for 108 agnihotris (agni samrakshanam, one of 40 samskarams for brahmins, it takes 2+ hours in morning and 2+ hours in evening, and lot of restrictions like should have a cow and calf next to you, a yagashala etc), and about 200 hourses for grahastas to help support agnihotris.

There is also a huge temple for Kanchi Mahaswami (68th Pontiff, H.H. Sri Chandrashekarendra saraswathi swamiji who attained siddhi 25 years ago at age of 100), with 108 feet tall raja gopuram, temple for kamakshi and chandramouleeshwara. There will a pushkarani (temple pond) for temple. There is yagashala with another pond for conducting yagas like soma / vajpayee yagam.

Once 108 agnihotris get into this village, they are not expected to step out of the village for their livelihood and all their needs will be taken care by trust (interest from corpus fund). Their daily needs like grains and other grocerires would be taken care, and also monthly dakshina would be provided to every agnihotri. Their duty is to do agnihotram twice a day and also teach veda to two vidhyarthis. Idea is to create similar atmosphere which existed 300+ years ago, where kings protected brahmins.

The project is being done by Sri Vaishnavi trust, headed by Sri Venkatasubramanian, who is a lawyer by profession.

Those who wish to support this divine cause. Please visit CONTACT page and fill in your details to get project information by email and help support this kaingariyam.


1) can I buy a land / property at this place now?

No. All sold. only limited cottages (300 sq.ft area) are available.

2) How can I support this divine cause?

Either by Payment to Corpus fund (below said denominations) or by contributing to Temple / gosala / infrastructure.

3) How can I do kaingariyam?

we have some whatsapp groups where devotees can join and support/perform kaingariyams.

4) How my contributiuons are used?

Only the interest portion of Collected corpus fund goes to monthly salary (sambhavanai), groceries, vegetables and all other needs for each Agnihotris. Funds collected to generic account (Vaishnavi Trust Account) goes to vedic student educataion and other needs, Temple / Infrastucture development & Gosala maintenance

5) How to make contributions?

Either to India Corpus fund Account or to US Corpus fund account (only USA contributions). Please contact us for more details

6) can i contribute any amount to corpus fund account?

Agnihotris Corpus fund - Only 6 denominations are accepted Rs.50 Thousand, Rs.1 Lakh, Rs.2 Lakh, Rs.3 Lakh, Rs.5 Lakh & Rs.10 Lakh.
(USA Contributions - Equivalent amount in Dollars)
General Contributions (Vaishnavi Trust Account) - any amount.

7) can my contributions be tax benefitted?

Members contributing both in USA and India can enjoy tax benefits. Contact us to know more.

8) Corpus fund member benefits?

2 days free stay and food in a year for all members; Yaga sala hall will be rent free for family functions; Pattayams for all members;

9) India Contact:

Sri K. Venkatasubramanian, Managing Trustee, Mobile: +91-98410-32959 & Smt.Padhma Venkat, Mobile: +91 95519-04210

10) USA Contact:

Smt. Anusha Vijay (California), Mobile: +1 (402) 516-6648 & Smt. Vaishnavi Vinodh (Florida), Mobile: +1 (904) 316-2703

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